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The 15th (Scottish) Reconnaissance Regiment Living History Association is a reenacting group  that portrays  the World War II British soldier. We are headquartered in Hat Field Pennsylvania, and members range all along the Eastern seaboard. We are dedicated to the preservation and study of the past through the collection and presentation of 1939  - 1945 uniforms, equipment and vehicles.


Our primary focus is studying the history, habits, tactics, skills and deeds of the men who traveled from Normandy through Holland to Germany as members of the 15th Reconnaissance Regiment. Their sacrifice, along with many others who tool part in the Second World War, contributed to the victory over Germany that was so important for the world.


With regards to history, it is one thing to read about it in a book, sitting at home in a comfortable chair. Itís quite another thing to read about it after spending a living history weekend in chilled weather, servicing real period vehicles with daily service requirements as well as looking after one self in the field conditions.


Another mission of our Association is to educate the American public on the involvement of the Allies. We strive to counter the false, but common impression that WW2 began on Dec 7th 1941.

. As Living Historians, we hope to clear  away the fog to some degree, so as to give a better idea of what life entailed for those fighting in Europe, so far away.



Note: We do not keep, acquire or have access to Military records for British Veterans.



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